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bids and budgetsFifth Planet Films prides itself with strict production budget management logistics which will keep clients satisfied. When bidding for a film shoot, diverse details must be looked after. We will personalize the service in order to satisfy our every client, and we’ll work professionally in crafting a budget, for a film or video, that best suits the needs of the customer.

Our day- to-day project operations and accounting are seen by the producer, production supervisor and an assistant. The production budget management is worked with just one bank, to keep things better organized. We make a point in keeping our clients informed of every budget¬-related move we make, so no conflicts arise between the company and the client.

Fifth Planet Films will spend as much time as possible in production budget management in order to find out about the creative needs of the project. This could include the costumes that are going to be used, the lighting and grip techniques, set arrangement, and so on. We concern ourselves with planning even the smallest detail, so nothing falls out of place.

Production budget management will also cover the quantity of equipment and number of employees hired during the process. In order to keep a clean relationship with our clients, we will always inform them about any extra costs that may appear during the filming process. If that is the case, we will do everything within our means in order to achieve a fair deal with the client, and be as flexible as possible with the amount of money he or she is able to spend.

Bidding a film shoot includes all of these variables. Attention to detail is important in order to keep everything organized, so we can offer a serious and professional service. This whole bidding process will effectively calculate and put both Fifth Planet Films and the client a step ahead, so any inconveniences can be avoided. We believe that these are considerations which are in the best interest for both parties.

Independent or amateur filmmakers are usually the ones who find it more troublesome when calculating the right budget. This is why we are more than capable in helping to guide them through the entire process. Whether it is that the available resources are in abundance or scarce, we will take care of finding a flexible and appropriate solution for every situation. Planning a serious and non-speculative budget is a crucial part of any project. Fifth Planet Films will take this task with utmost responsibility and professionalism in order to guarantee client satisfaction every single time.

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