Fifth Planet Films concerns itself with the quality and type of camera used for each situation. Selecting the right one is a delicate matter. From choosing the exact type of specialized lenses, to meeting the edit specs; every option has an ultimate effect on the final product. This is why the right team of camera experts is necessary in order to get the job done. Fifth Planet Films consults with the right personnel to help you get the equipment you need. These camera technicians know how to make a clear choice among the diverse features available, all of which can make your project stand out. Using the correct camera rental house in NYC can also assist in assessing which equipment is best for your project.

We usually work more with commercial digital cameras (such as handheld films), than with film cameras, since the former are more flexible to handle. For more complex and time-consuming type of shots, film may be used. It is important for us to assess every situation, and get the right equipment for it. As you see, the kind of gear used greatly varies depending on the work needed to be done. Some jobs may come as more demanding, and this is why we will have to look for very specialized tools. Either way, it is part of Fifth Planet Films to take on the professional side of the work, so the client will not have to worry about it.

Fifth Planet Films chooses cameras, which have excellent filming quality for your particular project. Most equipment are able to do continuous shots, so you won’t have to worry about reloading, or having any unnecessary delays while shooting. This way, the final product stays clean, and you’ll be able to allot more resources on hard drives, or in post-production. For other necessities, such as slow motion shots, a different model will be used; the same will happen for action-oriented shots. The camera used will also vary depending on whether the event is Broadcast or Non-Broadcast.

The optics of the camera will greatly affect the detail in which an image will be seen. Depending on the client’s necessities, we will aim to acquire the most suitable tools, so the desired result is achieved.

Choosing the right equipment can make the whole job go easier and smoother. A camera rental house in NYC and a well skilled assistant cameraman, and Digital Imaging Technican, can solve most of the equipment requirements for your project. Paying close attention to the filming devices used will greatly improve the final quality of the product. In Fifth Planet Films, expertise regarding camera selection will make the production achieve the highest technical standards that you deserve, as sticking to the professionals will definitely pay off on the long run.

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