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Fifth Planet Films can source all of the talent needed to produce your video, or television ad, from extras to celebrity talent. With professional acting auditions in NYC, our standards are always high.

We work with all sorts of talent: from foreign to multi-lingual. You may be looking to work with a specific person or celebrity. This can be arranged, as long as it is done in a timely manner, and it fits a specific budget. Once this is observed, the participation of the desired talent can be ensured. Nonetheless, most clients book celebrities or particular personalities themselves within one of their departments.

A casting director will assist you through the whole casting process. Fifth Planet Films works with various casting agencies based on the production and client needs. If it is an action, romantic or dramatic shoot, we will look at the background of different casting agencies in order to get the most suitable talent for your project.

Most casting companies have a vast database, so we will have many options to consider before choosing one. Each of our casting director is capable of advertising the needs of an actor with the specs required. Casting Directors may also use their relationships and connections with any modeling agency they may have on roster, to choose which model or actor better fits the specs.

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority, he or she will have the freedom of working closely with us during the whole process, in order to obtain personalized actors for their project.
The whole casting and talent process requires good planning, good timing and good connections. Years of experience back us up for this whole process, so we know how to proceed in different types of situations. Seriousness and professionalism are requirements met by Fifth Planet Films, in order to achieve the best talent selection possible. This is why choosing us for your project is a choice you will not regret.

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