Cinematography involves the actual shooting of the film, as well as the managing of the camera and lighting departments to bring the director’s vision to life. To hire a professional cinematographer is an asset which should not be underestimated. Both the project and the director require a different look and tone. Fifth Planet Films will ensure that all of these requirements are fulfilled.

Some well recognized cinematographers in the industry we have worked with include: Tim Ives, Will Rexer, Harris Savides (deceased), Matthew J Santo, Andy Lillien, Jody Lee Lipes, Max Goldman, Pete Konzcal, Wolfgang Held, Crille Forsberg and Tristan Sheridan. They have worked with well-known directors and have participated in everything, from famous feature films to independent projects with celebrities and actors of all kinds. . This vast range of experience gives us the ability to choose the best cinematographer for your project. It has also helped us explore different styles and outlooks, so we now have a vast range of knowledge regarding what can and what cannot be expected from a final film product.

The aforementioned directors of photography have worked time and time again on commercials, TV shows, feature films and other projects, in studios, on the street and with well recognized directors. As can be seen, Fifth Planet Films has worked with highly ranked specialists from different countries, so making the right connections poses no problem for us.

Each director of photography, however, has a different style. Some styles can be bold, while others more conservative. Either way, we make sure that the video style our client looks for goes well with the style of the director of photography. Overall, this is a very important game of chemistry demanded by the art of cinematography. If the client does not like the director’s style, another one can be looked for until our client’s demands are met.

If the client asks for a fashion video, or a television production, we will look for a director with that sort of background, so he can keep in touch with the demands of the client. In cinematography, the chemistry between the cinematographer and the client is very important. Some clients look for something more formal, while others want to experiment and enter into realms that have not been explored much. Whichever is the case; we will endeavour to meet any expectations.

Fifth Planet Films acknowledges that the most important thing, at the end, is selling the look of the video, which is what the client looks forward to in the first place. To achieve this quality objective, and keep things working the best way possible, is something we are committed to. Our client’s success is our success; and we’re more than glad to procure only the best for your next project.

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