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A corporate video production can be your point of difference in today’s ultra-competitive business environments, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out in a crowded market place. Creating a corporate video assists with building a better business by creating a real connection to the target audience. The following steps are the general process when creating a corporate video:

The initial inquiry

The corporate video production begins with the initial inquiry from the client. During this preliminary contact, the video production company will gather information about the video project which includes the intent of the video, the proposed audience, what the client wants to communicate and how they would like to communicate the message. One thing that should always be discussed in this initial meeting is the client’s budget. If a company can afford to spend more, they may be able to have their video produced sooner. If the company is on tighter budget it is possible to produce something incredible but it may take a little longer to produce. It is essential that a video production company understands the client’s objectives and its brand positioning and this can only be done if the initial meeting comprehensive and well planned.

 Concept development

This is where the concept of the video is developed in more detail. The target market that the client is trying to attract and the best way of reaching them will be ascertained during these conversations.

It is essential to keep in mind that the audience does not want to have their time wasted. They will only view a video if it delivers something of value to them, whether it be amusement or education. The video production company should guide the client towards a concept which will accomplish this goal.

Scheduling and planning

Deadlines and timelines for the video production are organized at this stage. These will take into consideration the feedback from the client from the initial draft of the video in the concept development stage and the time required to incorporate them into the final version.

Site inspection

To ensure that the best video is captured, the video production company should complete a reconnaissance of the location where filming will occur. Things to take note of include glare from the windows, background noise and general tidiness. The video production company will need to consider the best way to set up equipment and whether they will have to deal with foot traffic coming through the office. The video production company should choose a location that causes minimum disruption to the office while capturing the best quality film.

Prepping for the video

Before the camera crew gets to the location, a guidance list will have been sent to the client so that they know what to expect. The prepping stage will also include pre-lighting the scene and identification of any potential issues such as sound… for example noisy air conditioners or traffic noise.

Shooting the video

When preparation is done well prior to shooting, the actual time required for the client video shoot is usually relatively short. The shooting begins with the clapper board to sync a sound. Framing up gives two different camera angles before filming is started. Once the footage is captured, it is then taken back to the video production company and the footage is saved to a number of locations for safety.

Video production

After the first draft of the video is finished, it is then sent to the client so that they can provide as much feedback as possible. They will need to advise everything they want changed and these will be incorporated into the second draft. At this stage there should only be very minor changes that need to be made to the video. The client will then be given the opportunity to view this final version of the video for approval.