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Lighting is a crucial part of every shoot. It can alter the ambience, and make it go from fearful to joyful; it can change the countenance of the characters, and most importantly, it can make a simple work become a masterful artistic expression. We acknowledge all of those elements. This is why we take the lighting part of the film with just as much importance as any other part.

Fifth Planet Films has a highly skilled team of grips and electrics, with years of experience working with various lighting and rigging setups. They acknowledge the methodology and importance of lighting for film. With the right grip and lighting services, you will obtain the required look and shot needed. The company’s grip and lighting department specializes in a wide range of equipment that includes the most commonly used gear in most films. Whichever is the tool you need, a team network will be able to provide us with the specialized equipment. This thorough knowledge of the required gear will guarantee complete and efficient attention to the client’s needs; as well as providing consultancy to anyone involved in the project, if needed.

Knowing what different equipment is needed for every shoot, we have no problem in looking for personalized gear in order to fulfill the project´s requirements. If we don’t have it in stock, we will order and have it shipped within a reasonable timeframe. Sometimes, unexpected events can arise regarding grip, lighting and electric equipment. Our years of experience have prepared us to deal with any unforeseen situations, and we will always look for a way to keep the product within the high quality standards our client deserves.

Different lighting setups will require different tools. As with everything, rare specialization items come at a high price. Sometimes employing certain types of lighting can become very expensive. This will be discussed with the client in order to establish a rational and efficient budget. No decisions will be made without previous discussion, in order to prevent any misunderstandings and, of course, in order to respect our client’s budget.

Nonetheless, it does not matter if the equipment employed is costly or cheap: we already have experience working with both scenarios. For both possible cases, we do ensure that we’ll make the most out of the equipment provided.

On the other hand, time required will vary a lot depending on the type of setup used. By using an accurate planning, we will make sure that we do not run out of time, and that we do not make our client, or our work teams, waste theirs.

A good grip and lighting department is crucial to get the final look your film needs. It has been used since the birth of cinema, and it truly stands as an important factor. Fifth Planet Films is committed to getting every detail worked out in order to deliver the highest quality possible.

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