Locations can mean everything when it comes to film shooting. A jungle may suit an adventure shootout, while something as simple as a house interior could be enough to shoot a commercial. In any case, permissions and a sometimes complex form of logistics, are needed in order to get the right shooting scenario.

Fifth Planet Films is able to cover issues concerning film locations- both managing and scouting them. A specialized location manager will oversee everything related to permits, parking, and booking, as well as choosing the right location scout in order to get the best place available.

Numerous neighborhoods will be closely observed in order to figure out the logistics, and how to keep a good rapport with the people living there. This is done in order to guarantee that no conflicts occur between any of the parties involved. Being a flexible company, both expensive and cheap film locations can be worked out. A film location can present different difficulties sometimes. If this is the case, a location scout, next to a specialized location manager, will both work together to solve any legal issues that may arise. We will only work with shooting locations from which we can get legal permission. Otherwise we will look for somewhere else.

Some locations can be enormous and difficult to cover. If that is the case, a whole location team, lead by a manager with multiple assistants, will be hired. This team will also work with the local police and government offices for handling any required controls (such as managing traffic, large waste disposal, or local residents who may complain). Our team comes with members with vast knowledge on legal and permit logistics. Since we have been in these sorts of scenarios before, we already know how to handle different situations, and any difficulties that may arise.

Efficient film location support is very important in order to prevent any issues like that. Fifth Planet Films commits itself with this process, and will give you the right assistance anytime it is needed. A complete and well-organized team, as mentioned previously, will make this whole procedure go quickly and smoothly, with all due respect and seriousness to legal requirements and social responsibility.

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