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Different languages can enrich the cultural outlook in the world of cinema. Oftentimes, this can pose a barrier for getting the job done smoothly. At Fifth Planet Films, we are aware of this, and this is why keeping in touch with the different language needs that modern cinema requires is so important for us.

We live in a shrinking world, which requires a globalized framework. It is for this reason that Fifth Planet Films offers a vast range of film support for almost any language, at most locations around the world. In case you need an interpreter for audio and video productions who knows Chinese (if you are going to film on location in Chinatown, for example), Fifth Planet Films will hire the right professional for you. Either way, translation, interpreting and multilingual support will be offered in order to simplify filming in New York City. Some of the language translation services for audio production we have had experience with include Japanese, German and Spanish. With this range of experience, we are capable of shooting in most parts of the world and, if unable, we can adapt ourselves to said circumstances by choosing the right person.

For clients from abroad, as a production services company, Fifth Planet Films will get a member who is bilingual from the place they are working at. If that is not the case, a freelance translator will be hired, though usually most clients will know at least some English. In any case, interpreters are always brought in to make sure things are clear. Since communication is key, we want to make sure your film project reaches its full potential, without letting language barriers get in the way. Letting the clients bring their own translator is also permitted. There are indeed multiple ways to handle multilingual logistics, and Fifth Planet Films can accommodate all of them. Regardless of the scenario we are talking about, we will always look forward to hiring someone with enough expertise in both languages (both their native one, and the one he or she is supposed to translate to and from), in order to prevent any communication mishaps from altering the final result.

Any good production services company will commit itself to providing as much help and assistance as possible. If necessary, a guide for the duration of the trip will be engaged, as well. We take every single one of these challenges as an opportunity to gain experience, and we are ready to adapt ourselves to the new requirements of the market. Besides, these are all cultural experiences that will later on help us break barriers, and therefore take the filming product to its highest level.

Keeping up with the needs of the client requires flexibility, and the ability to act assertively. Fifth Planet Films acknowledges this, and commits itself to giving the best interpreters for audio and video productions possible.

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