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With a wide network of photographers around the world, Fifth Planet Films concerns itself with getting the exact fraction they need for a print. Fifth Planet Films keeps in touch with the current trends of time-lapse technology. We’re also experienced in using rings, sliders and motion controls. We are determined to create the most captivating time-lapse videos for your project needs. For us, staying up-to-date is a crucial element for professional photography in NYC, and of course, we have no problem in keeping up with such demand.

Time lapse photography consists of giving a photo the same treatment given to films, giving a special focus to one specific frame at a time. It consists of taking one photo in intervals of time, usually between one and thirty seconds, depending on the length of the shot, and the smoothness needed to be accomplished. The amount of light entering the camera needs to be settled, because during the shooting there is going to be light changes that cannot always be controlled. This can be used in order to put a focus on a specific section of the film, so an absorbing effect can happen on the spectator. Some common time lapses include the most simple things such as nature. This particular effect can evoke different types of emotions, which can be used depending on the result the client is looking for.

When it comes to the camera models used, these are usually based on the photographer’s preference. Professional photography in NYC usually will let each photographer choose what best suits their style. We take advantage of this freedom given by modern cinema, and this is why our team of photography experts will know what model should be used for every given situation.
A NYC photographer would play the same role as a director, only that in this case it would work not with a whole movie, but with a fraction of it. In any case, small details will be the ones, which will enhance the final product.

Modern main uses of time lapse in professional NYC photography include symbolizing the passing of time, or showing a specific beauty shot to the viewer. This is useful both in commercial or purely artistic shootings, since both base themselves on emotion. At Fifth Planet Films, we know how to handle this subtle language, and will always use it in order to get the best final result possible.
Regardless of the use you are going to give it, time lapse is a valuable resource that could enhance both the aesthetic power and the message of your work. Fifth Planet Productions takes all-artistic and style tools (both modern and classic) seriously, in order for your project to reach its full potential in a professional way.

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