production management

Production management can make the whole difference when it comes to logistics and organization. How do we get this or that done? How many people do we need? How long will it take? These are all questions that our production management team is ready to answer and, in a practical sense, solve.

Fifth Planet Films production managers can cover anything related to transportation for both gear and crewmembers, getting permits, casting sessions scheduling and film location finding. We acknowledge the fact that video production management requires well-made logistical organization, this is why getting the crew members to work on time, no matter the place they are located, is a crucial part of the film producer job. Our film producers will always be asked to stay organized and to be sober minded, since sometimes-difficult situations can arise, and a focused mind can prove itself to be the most valuable resource. We recognize this, and we do everything within our possibilities to let our clients rest assured that their project is being cared for by the best team of professionals.

The production manager will also handle anything from hotel stayovers to casting sessions, and gathering tools for shooting: all tasks that require special scrutiny and a responsible handling of resources. Logistics, however, require a time lapse and a specific budget, which we will organize with anticipation. In Fifth Planet Films, every film producer knows that time management varies depending on diverse variables. That is, if the project requires a few weeks, or an entire year, taking in account the complexity of the tasks entailed. Production management usually works close with those in charge of budget, so we always know the materials that are going to be used, and how much will they cost, so no surprises arise at any moment.

Fifth Planet Films will handle the cost and method of production handling to the client, as well as details of the whole process. The director will communicate with the client about any issues related to the job process and the tactics for selling the product to the audience, making it gain notoriety. We always ensure that our relationship with the client is horizontal, so we can both participate in the management process. Work tactics are considered a very important part of the process, since these help us decide the when and where production related events are happening. These also aid us in determining who will take the main roles, which include initial crew director and producer, production supervisor, photography director, among others. Production management takes charge of getting the best team possible to work on the project. This is why we make a point in working only with qualified and experienced members for each of our projects. At the end of the day, the quality of the project highly depends on the people working on it, and this is why the crew selection plays such an important role for us.

Our highly qualified production management team will keep the process marching smoothly and seamlessly; Fifth Planet Films guarantees both the quality and efficiency of any project you wish to accomplish.

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