Fifth Planet Films is a film production company, which comes with a complete team of producers, directors, cinematographers, general crewmembers and production assistants. We have a wide range of experience working as a commercial production company, in which we’ve garnered expertise in the most important positions that include: assistance services in production, direction, camera working, food styling, and art. We also offer professional services and consulting, such as gaffers, grip, camera operation, photography direction, sound operation and production management. Logistics, insurance and a complete budget management are also included in our services.

As a video production company we have successfully collaborated with clients, such as The Grammy’s, Land Rover, Gillette, and Crest. Fifth Planet Films is versatile in its range of projects; ultimately the largest budget depends on the necessities and monetary capacity of the client. Strict budget managing logistics are used, however, in order to prevent over spending. On the other hand, we can work on any location, and embark in any given project, given enough time and budget.

Film production companies with whom we have worked include: Tool of North America, Furlined, Good Company, Private Idaho, Anonymous Content Caviar, among others. This has given us a vast range of experience in working with different sorts of people, and gives us enough confidence to embark in new challenges that usually come during the production process. Sometimes there is not enough chemistry between working members. In that case, the production area has to make sure that every crewmember requirement is met (assuming it is reasonable). Somehow, diplomacy is also a part of the whole production process, and we are committed to foster a healthy working environment for everyone, as part of our work ethics.

Many roles from film production companies have been met in Fifth Planet Films, such as professional crew hiring, and stage selection. This gives us the necessary background to make a complete and effective production process. To be face-to-face with world-renowned celebrities has been an enriching experience for us, and has given us the ability to understand people working with them in a more human aspect. Human relationships are an essential part of production, since logistics sometimes revolve around getting the right contacts. Rapport building is a cornerstone element for us, and we take utmost care in ensuring a seamless process, from A to Z.

As shown above, Fifth Planet Films is capable of professionally covering all the main necessities any effective audiovisual production should meet. Our sense of responsibility and commitment with the final product has backed us up before, and still does today. We are a team that you can trust.

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