Television commercial budget

Television commercial budgets

A television commercial budget must be well thought out in order to create a clear plan for success. A good budget reveals a lot about how a commercial is going to be made, what type of story will be told, what kind of crew you want to use and what sort of equipment has been selected. But how do you prepare a budget that fits your commercial which will be filmed in New York? With the number of inclusions that should be added into a television commercial budget or movie budget, here are some suggestions for what you should consider:


Copywriting: The copywriting team are the people tasked with creating a unique idea and formulating a selling message that works, writing a script that will fit the TV commercial duration and adhere to the Federal Trade Commission advertising guidelines.

Audio: A variety of sound producers and editors including the voice over artist, recording studio, audio engineer, music search, audio mix and audio track mastering.

Crew and equipment: This is the part of the budget that that produces the actual raw, commercial video and will include broadcast cameras, lights, audio gear, cranes, dolly tracks, sliders, lighting, ground crew, wardrobe and make-up. You may require more staff and equipment than what is listed above, but this will give you an idea of what to include at the absolute minimum.

Skilled production: The other experts you will need to budget for other than the film crew will be the director, director of photography, producer and possibly a stunt coordinator or helicopter pilot.

Post production: This will include the editor, edit suite, digital designer, mastering and uploading. Cost is dependent on time and complexity.

Compliance: You television commercial will need to comply with advertising authorities as well as taste and decency guidelines and you may need a professional to guide you through this.

Actors: These can either be seasoned professionals or amateurs.


Music track licencing – It may be necessary to pay a buy-out fee or licence fee to obtain rights to using music or even certain sound effects.

Digital delivery – The TV networks require commercials to be sent to them via a digital media distribution network or via Tape Stock.