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Filming live events can be a delicate job, since they need to be both streamed and edited live. At Fifth Planet Films, alliances with the best local directors and editors are made in order to give you the film production quality you require. These services include live online broadcast, enabling events to be seen around the world, and the saving of those events so they can be played back anytime.

Fifth Planet Films has experience filming live events with different styles and backgrounds.
This makes us a flexible and efficient company, capable of working under pressure in order to get the best shots in the most non-controlled events. We have experience working with different numbers of videographers, and we are capable of keeping teamwork efficiently enough to deliver only the best results. We also know how to handle different sorts of materials, depending on what the situation requires. From simple cameras and tripods, to delicately designed mobile cameras; we have no problem in hiring extra crewmembers if the situation asks for it, and a reasonable budget is provided.

Recording live events can be a challenge, since it means that they are recorded in real time, hence they cannot be redone or restaged. Sometimes they are even broadcast live in different media tools, such as the Internet or TV. It’s for this reason that our specialized team members are agile minded, and can adapt themselves to the most stressful of situations, They are experts in the art of live editing, and hence can give spectators a great quality video performance that will look like it was scripted.

We know that different types of preparation are needed for different kinds of shows. At Fifth Planet Films everything can be covered, from a simple behind the scenes event to the Grammys, or other big award show. For the latter, collaboration with companies specialized in those events will help us achieve the necessary quality required by our clients. We have experience working with professionals stemming from different styles and backgrounds, so we can always look for the right people to assist us in any given event.

Filming live events requires a specialized video service, which Fifth Planet Films will provide. In case collaboration is needed, it will be done every time it fulfills company standards. In any case, professionalism and a careful planning will be always guaranteed when working on live events. Live coverage is an essential part of our day to day media, and we’re constantly up to date with current trends in order to give our clients the most professional final product possible.

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