Making a video or film production can be done with one person but the more elaborate the ideas get, the more likely a film crew will be needed to accomplish the vision. This list gives a high level overview of the on-set film crew personnel, and does not include every possible film crew member. The amount of people needed to make a film varies widely from a single person to many hundreds of film crew members.

Producer: They are the major coordinator for the production and are involved in all aspects of the production from start to finish.

Executive Producer: This person is usually the main investor of the project or the owner of the production company that is distributing the cash flow from the client or groups of investors.

Production Manager: They help to prepare the budget, manage the preparation of the production team and a variety of day to day production decisions. They work together with the Executive Producer.

Director: This person is in control of all creative portions of the film. They are responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting of the film.

1st Assistant Director: They are in charge of running the set. They organize the crew, prepare shooting schedules and organize the entire course of production activity.

2nd Assistant Director: Looks after the distribution of documents including scripts and call sheets to the cast and crew. They also help to supervise the set with the 1st Assistant Director.

Script Supervisor:  The script supervisor is to keep a record of what has been shot in relation to the script including what changes has been made and how to avoid any continuity errors going forward.

Cinematographer or Director of Photography: It is the cinematographer who makes the chief lighting, framing and composition decisions. The director will advise the Cinematographer what they want the shot to look like and they make sure everything looks good to help accomplish the director’s vision.

Camera Operator: The camera operator is in charge of working the camera to capture the scenes.

Production Sound Mixer: Their job is to make sure the sound is being correctly recorded and mixed on set.

Boom Operator: This is the person that holds the boom microphone near the action.

Key Grip: The key grip supervises the camera cranes, dollies, lights, platforms and all on set equipment.

Gaffer: They are responsible for the design and implementation of the lighting plan on the set. They work closely with the Cinematographer to make sure everything is lit correctly.

Special Effects Supervisor: This person is in charge of the creative and technical aspects of visual effects.

Production Designer: They are in charge of creating the visual appearance of the film. Working closely with the Cinematographer and Director they manage the look of all settings, costumes, character makeup etc.

Art Director: This person develops, coordinates and manages the overall design of the production and is responsible for everything seen on screen.

Props Master: They are in charge of finding and managing the props that appear on screen.

Make-up Artist / Hairdresser: These are the people that maintain the cast’s hair and makeup throughout the shoot.

Costumer Designer: They design, obtain, assemble and maintain the costumes for the film production.

These are just a few of the basic crew members that are located on set. Depending on the budget and how large the project is will decipher the number of people required to produce a video or film.